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About tradEAsy

TradEAsy is a platform that allows you to create trading systems using element blocks instead of coding. Moreover, you can validate these systems through backtesting. Once the systems are created and validated, they just have to be downloaded and are ready to operate. Or You can also activate the alert mode, so that you get a message every time your system makes a signal.

VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server), allows traders to operate and execute MetaTrader’s expert advisors from a virtual machine hosted on the hosting company’s own servers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no interruptions.

About trading

When you download a system on tradEAsy, you get a compiled file (.ex4) that you can use in MetaTrader 4. We have a step-by-step guide on how to install the downloaded file.

You can also activate the alert mode, so that you get a message every time your system makes a signal.

Currently, yes. We are working to be able to send your orders directly from tradEAsy without the need of a trading platform.

If you want to use a system generated in tradEAsy with another platform, write us an email to info@traeasy.tech, and we will study the possibility of transforming your system to the platform you work with.

The perfect system does not exist, nor the perfect trader! Automated trading and tradEAsy help you create a system that you can validate with historical data to find out how it would have worked.


You can know the plans in detail and acquire them from the pricing page.

FREE mode is available to all users just by registering.

We accept credit card.

Using tradEAsy

In this video we explain the step-by-step inside the platform. Watch it to start using it:

We created tradEAsy always keeping in mind the retail trader. Yes, those that belong to the 80% of the ones that lose money in the market. Is a tool thought to simplify trading. If you are a professional trader, and you need a more complex system, write us to info@tradeasy.tech, and we discuss it.

We have created an intuitive platform, designed for the user who does not have any programming knowledge. The system are built with blocks that are easy to use. After creating a system, you backtest it with historical data to know its functioning.

TradEAsy has three steps/functions:

  1. Create trading strategies based on element blocks and technical indicators.
  2. Validate through backtesting the strategies created.
  3. Download a compiled file to operate automatically in MetaTrader 4 or activate the alerts so that we send you a message each time the system makes a signal.

If your system gives negative results in the backtest, you can go back to the “Build” screen and change the parameters or elements.

Backtest results do not guarantee future results. We recommend that after downloading your system, you use it in a demo account to verify its behaviour in real time.

Our assets have historical data since January 2017. We are working to include more and more year of historical data along with more assets.

If you have more doubts you can check or knowledge database and if you still have questions you can write us in info@tradeasy.tech

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