TradEAsy closes a new investment round to continue growing and start the internationalization

We just got €280,000 of investment!

We are happy to announce that we have recently closed our second investment round with the goal of continue growing and start offering our service outside of Spain. Thanks to the achievement of this milestone, we are getting closer to our goal, which is none other than to democratize the use of trading robots so that non-professional investors can improve their results by automating their trading.

This new round is led by Top 5 Partners, a pledge fund specialized in joint ventures in seed-startups and who already trusted us with our first round. In this second round, more than 40 direct investors have participated, including well-known business angels from the national ecosystem such as Rat Gasol (General Manager at Capitall Cell) or Patricio Gómez (CEO and Founder of Jobomas) among others and a large group of minority investors who have joined the operation through the Startupxplore crowdfunding platform.

To the €125,000 obtained in the round we have to add the funding that we have recently obtained from ENISA, thus reaching a total investment of €280,000 with which we plan to continue growing and start the internationalization.

At tradEAsy we are proud of the relationship we have created with our community, but above all we are very grateful to those clients, who not only use our tool, but also trust the vision of tradEAsy and have invested in us. The company was born with the mission of democratizing the advantages of automated trading and help to reduce the failure rate of the non-professional investor. To achieve this, we have created a tool that allows anyone, whether they have coding knowledge or not, to build their own robots so that they can operate autonomously on the stock market.

These robots are informatic programs able to operate by the user following very precisely the instructions given by its creator. The advantages of this type of investment are multiple and they go from operating 24h a day, 7 days a week, without interruption, to the possibility of doing it in a totally systematic and automated way avoiding exhaustion, stress, anxiety or the fear that can affect the trading results.

TradEAsy is a service used nowadays by more than 1,600 people in Spain, within which more than 2,400 robots have been created, more than 78,000 simulations have been carried out and which in the new version incorporates multiple improvements both in usability and performance. One of these improvements is the simulation time and the technology we use to make them, which has allowed us to obtain financing from the “Centro de Desarrollo Tecnológico (CDTI Cervera)” managed by the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

TradEAsy team
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